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10.11.18 Breaking Ground on The Mill

We had a amazing turnout today. Even we 3 students gone the place was pretty packed. It’s starting to look more and more like a robotics team!


Two of the new kids ran setup on the mill. Talk about putting kids to work!

The parts came oht great however the run time was ridiculous. We plan on increasing the radius on the pockets and using a larger bit to cut the bearing holes. Hopefully we can get the time down to about 15-20 min.

We got some bolts in and labeled everything.

Nolan somehow managed to find a piece of scrap big enough for us to run our bumper brackets on. There was probably less than a 1/8 in of clearance on either side. The only thing left to order for bumpers is paint and fabric.


We got the electrical board all wired up. A quick power on showed no major problems however the CAN was definitely throwing a weird blink code. Maybe the Rio has to be configured first?


A lot of people are not in slack/Trello/google photos/etc. We need to make sure everyone gets signed up.


We should have the test shirt and jacket at the meeting on Friday. If we like them we are gunna place an order. We also want to figure out where we are going to get some stickers from. A student told me their parent works at a vinyl shop and might be able to sponsor us.

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