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Laser Mastery 9.5.18

The Laser Cutting Some .08 Steel

Today, most of our team members were given the chance to run a part on the laser. They were instructed on startup and setup and were able to load their own material and run their own parts. Conveniently the code of an intake plate from a historical FRC robot was still loaded into the laser, this complex part was great at demonstrating the potential of the laser.

Intake Plate From 2017

Students were hard at work lasering and deburring their parts.

Sponsorship Email

We sent our sponsor packet to over 200 local companies in hopes of making some good money.

Off Season Drive Train

CAD will likely begin friday. We have estimated spending no more than 3,500 on the drive base. This is a fair price considering that most of the items will be reused on the season robot. We will likely manufacture all the parts over the next month or so, training kids during the process.

Work Stations

Tabletops and caster wheels have been ordered. We will most likely have finished workstation setups in the next few weeks.

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