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Starting to Look Like a Robotics Room 8.26.18

Updated: Oct 9, 2018


We got a ton of new parts today, we organized it all and got our wire racks all set up.

Still more stuff on the way! Organization is the key to success, so hopefully this will pay off in the future. We want to make some upgrades for the wire rack, like adding a wall in the back to stop things from falling off as well as some slots for the parts organizers.

Offseason Drive

Today we cut all the sheet metal parts for the drive.

We will begin progress on the drive gearboxes as well as start wiring some things on Friday. We should have all the parts to finish both gearboxes and we are only waiting on wheels.

Our first youtube video!

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Kenny Sandon
Kenny Sandon
Oct 09, 2018


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