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Robot Under Way 10.5.18

Updated: Oct 9, 2018


This week we made amazing progress on our electrical board.

We have all the main wires connected and

there is only a few small details to settle.

All our batteries should remain on the changer 24/7 and be “trickle charged.” This ensures that the batteries stay healthy throughout their lifespan.

We should have the electrical completed by this Friday.


Our pit setup is looking good. We need to make some modifications to the wire racks. This includes a set of shelves for the bolt organizers and a battery holder.

The 3D printer is still in pieces, but good progress is being made.

We are going to begin manufacturing parts this week and should have everything done by the middle of next week. Then it's on to assembly.


We should be getting some haas money any time now. We were informed that we qualify for the local grant.

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