501(c)(3) 7.21.18

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

The room is taking shape

Team 4414 has officially reached their non-profit status! However things aren't 100% lined up on the administrative side of things just yet. We are still waiting on our banker to open us an account before we can fully get the fundraising show on the road.

In the meantime the team has been preparing for this. The plan is pretty straight forward and we plan on targeting 4 main groups:


Talk to all your relatives, tell them who we are and why your involved. Link them to our donation page where they can read even more about us!


Social media will play a decent roll in not only fundraising but recruitment


We want to stay on the lookout for some major grants. Most of the FRC specific ones wont start up until the start of the new season.

Corporate Sponsors

This is where the bulk of our money will come from and we need to spend the most time on this. We need a set of awesome branding material that we can use to absolutely wow potential sponsors and show them why their donation will make a huge difference.




We hope to get a order of T-shirts in soon. The estimated cost is going to be $8 - $10 and will likely raise the price of that to turn a slight profit for the team. our logo is so good I bet we could sell a hundred shirts.