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Fall Kickoff! 8.25.18

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

Avidh showing new team members Olga and Sallar Java

On Wednesdays and Fridays from 5 to 8 HighTide will officially be meeting! Depending on the workload non mandatory days may be added but unless announced the basis of our meeting schedule will be as it is above. We're also glad to welcome our three newest team members, Nathaniel Barnaby, Olga Qoshlli, and Sallar Farokhi, welcome to the team!!

We're all very excited to get to work putting the rubber to the road after so many months of preparation and planning, but there are just a few things to complete before getting out there. After bringing the whole team up to speed we've summarized the tasks to be accomplished in the coming weeks and assigned one or, optionally, more to each team member. After completing each of these tasks we will be ready to reach out for sponsorship and donation.

There's lots to be done for all members of HighTide and like we've done on the whiteboard we can break it down into two main categories each with various sub tasks:


  • Creation of an email list for prospect recipients of our sponsorship packet email.

  • Grant hunting and writing.

  • Creation of an "elevator pitch" presentation to be made for local corporations.

Room Preparation

  • Tools stored in the reserves of Sessa MFG must be organized and inventoried, then sifted through and sorted into the tool Husky toolboxes.

  • Plans will be made for the layout and composition of the room and its various utilities.

  • A robot cart needs to be designed and manufactured.

  • A driver station must also be designed and manufactured.

To see who's been assigned to each task just take a look at the team Trello board, and if you're interested in helping with another job just ask JJ!

If you haven't yet, make sure to join all team communications, team slack, trello, google drive, etc.. as well as create an account for OnShape. Instructions to do these things can be found here

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