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H T H Q 7.13.18

Today the team met and went over the status of our primary facility (HighTide Head Quarters(HTHQ)), the state of our nonprofit status, worked on our to do list as well as develop our future goals and think through the infrastructure were going to employ in different aspects of the team from cash flow to project work flow.

HTHQ is in the making! pending the shifting of two large racks used by Sessa Mfg, drywall installers will begin constructing the walls of the facility which we hope will be complete in only a few more weeks.

Our non profit status has been the primary hold back to funding which while it forces us to put our funding plans on hold it gives us good breathing room we can use for the streamlining of our documents for organizing our finances. Along with our room we hope to have our full 501c3 non profit status in only a few weeks!

Finally, we got to talk about our progress in different fields such as design where Jaelen has been experimenting with Onshape and programming where Avidh is working with Pure Pursuit.

Overall another great meeting! We're all excited and inspired by one another and we hope to make waves this coming competition season!

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