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Learning In The Shop 8.31.18

Team member Jaelen Hsu teaching members Avidh and Olga how to operate the laser

Tonight team members got their first experience on the AMADA laser cutter! Team members Olga and Avidh learned how to operate and maintenance the machine with the guidance of mentor Nolan and team member Jaelen. Though we're all going to need some practice were on the right path, members even got to run their very first programs on the laser cutter!

Olga and Avidh's first laser cut part!


This is just the beginning, as often as possible students will be running the laser, so if you missed tonight's meeting don't worry! There will be plenty of opportunities to learn and master the laser cutter.

Sponsorship Email

Armed with an email list, 200 strong, we will begin sending out our mail chimp with links to the sponsor packet and our donate page soon! Be sure to talk to friends and family about it and if they like we can send an email their way!

Tool Sorting

By our next meeting on Wednesday we should know what tools around the shop we may use, and so be able to sort through and evaluate how it may impact our budget. There is an inventory spreadsheet in the drive and a form for ease of data collection, if you need the link just check the drive under business - accounting, or send a message to Jaelen over slack.

Off Season Drive Train

We will be building a drive train before competition season begins, and we need to do this for a number of reasons. Not only will it help us develop code, but it will help us establish a manufacturing and building process for the build season to come. In many ways building the off season drive train will give us some crucial information about what will and wont work for us when the build season comes around. Before Wednesday we will have a drivetrain budget established and so from there be able to determine how/if it will affect our fundraising plans, and even more so, get us ordering parts and building it sooner.

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