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Making Waves 6.22.18

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

HighTide's very first pre-season meeting! We discussed financial plans and developed a structure for accounting and made a game plan for donations and sponsorship's, our largest concern now is putting together the money we need to be successful in the coming competition season. We reviewed the team on branding and our final logo shown here!

Our Final Logo Design

There was discussion about beginning CAD training soon, our CAD program is SolidWorks which can be downloaded by following the instructions on the setup guide in the team drive here.

Members and mentors discuss finances and our new space

To avoid going into build season half cocked, we've set the informal goal of having a complete drive base for testing and prototyping purposes to set in motion the way we want to go about the competition season. Overall High Tide's very first team meeting helped produce a stable idea of the working structure of our team as well as help us establish our immediate and long term plans for fundraising and bring all members up to speed on the status of the team site and branding.

Whiteboard dump 01

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1 commentaire

Jonathan Sessa
Jonathan Sessa
23 juin 2018

All around a super successful first meeting. Stoked everyone came down! The future's looking good.

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